Saturday, July 22, 2017

Texts and plants and sari happenings

So late last night, text from neighbor saying he's stuck, far away, in hospital, can't get home as scheduled, will I add in the indoor plants to the outdoor watering I was doing.

So this am I went and did that, and in the house, to my amazement, his little dog appeared.  I assumed someone had taken her.  So checked with another neighbor who often does dog care for him, and yes, she was up on it, no problem, then talk went on to other things.  In the midst of this, a third neighbor comes out, says, oh good, wanted to catch you to show you some stuff.

At this point I had had enough heat, and she came into my house, and unfolded two wedding saris.  One she wants me to have, she's moving, downsizing, no longer wears the sari anyway, all Western now.  

This one is from one of the days of the wedding, not the main day. As you see, Marigold approves it, instantly wanted to sleep on it.

The one from the main wedding day she showed me, too, and I suggested she get it made into a coat and sheath dress, partyish, but Western enough to wear here.  She figured that was a good idea, will get it done next time in India.  It's brilliant fuchsia, with embroidery and beading, and many yards of fabric, as saris are.

So here's the diy.  It's now a lovely portiere, no cutting, since I though it wouldn't be right to cut it. There's yards more fabric folded away behind there. I can see it from my bed, so it will get plenty of admiration. And the portiere I had there is now on the spare room bed, and looking pretty fine.  

That was another friend who moved away, it's old linen, with Italian cutwork, really a banquet cloth, but works fine this way.  It had been badly stained, and I just washed it in Synthropol, and it came up fine.  Couple of detail pictures

 So just another Saturday in the neighborhood..for other adventures of the day, go here


  1. How beautiful and what a delightful gift! I've often thought of using fabric on a ceiling, but it's low on my list of things to make happen. I think if I had yards and yards of beautiful fabric, though...maybe!

  2. what lovely fabric, and yes a shame to cut into it. I would imagine it flows beautifully when the window is open (sort of like Wyeth's painting of the curtain). And of course the cutwork is always impressive. It makes such a lovely bedcover you would almost think it was intended that way.

    Serendipity, all the way.


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