Saturday, August 13, 2016

August mailbag, new venture

I was given one of those boxes of art postcards, very good ones, by a friend who is downsizing, and I realized this was a nudge from the universe to get on and write a line to various people I've been meaning to write a line to. Not to get mail back, just to give them a little something in the mail that's not a bill, for once.  Or an advertising flyer.  This collection has some of my favorite artists, and some I was unfamiliar with, and all of it is great quality art. Frameable stuff, I'd say.

So I set to work and wrote my August mailbag, some of which you see here, had such a good time choosing the right image for each person, one that either reflected her, or that she would really get, or I just liked the image for her to enjoy. I notice that all my recipients in August are female, but it's not by design.  Maybe some men will get in there at some point. But they didn't come to mind right off, as all the women friends did.

I've been blessed with regular wonderful postcard messages complete with art images and other interesting stuff from my honorary granddaughter, for years now.  I can't rival her in faithful correspondence, though she's very busy in her own life, nor in her always legible handwriting, but I can do my possible as they say. And now that I have the tools to hand, no excuses.

And I hope that the people who eventually hear from me -- there will be more, this is just the August bag -- will be happy too.  I'm thinking of doing a batch each month.


  1. My favourites will probably always be the ones that were faithfully posted by hotel staff in China for me. When we all finally managed to understand that they were going to my nainai, the bellstaff in Wuhan went to the post office for me after his shift and got me the right amount of postage. They insisted it was too far for me to walk and that nobody would know what I wanted, so they did it for me. I mailed cards from Wuhan and Xi'an, and bought postcards wherever I could find them.

  2. Thank you for that! My friends were totally impressed at the importance of the grandmother in Chinese culture to the point of taking all that effort for you and me! But all your cards are so welcome and read many times and loved!

  3. Nainais are a very big deal -- as they should be!!


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