Saturday, August 27, 2016

Achtung! Do not drag cord emphatically! 6WS

After a little contretemps, to vary the language a little, with the old electric kettle, and I mean old, several years ago obtained via freecycle, in the course of which it suddenly tried to burn my fingers as I unplugged it from the wall, it seemed a good idea to actually buy one new.

And much studying on line told me that the whistling element added too much of the dollar element to the kettle, and just having one that would switch itself off, would be fine.  Given how absent minded I am, often setting something on the stove then getting involved in something else and coming back later to cinders, it's good to have a kettle that will switch off and not burn the house down.  That's why I originally got a microwave, but I'm not fond of boiling water in it.

So here's my new kettle, arrived today, and it's made no, not in China, in GERMANY!  Das ist mein elektrischer wasserkocher! Das is also almost the extent of my German.  See, the light illuminates!

So I hope this provenance is a good sign.  Very sleek design, simple, does what it promises, and I'm boiling three successive lots of water as instructed in the booklet before it's ready to  make my tea.

My mom used to hate tea made with water from a new kettle, said it tasted blue!  I think that meant metallic, also, come to think of it now, that she had synaesthesia, too, tastes and colors blending. One of my sisters used to dislike onions in food, said they tasted green!

So I read the little booklet, presented in German then in English. My German being scanty, the year I spent on it in Uni devoted to reading Kinder Und Hausmarchen, book of fairytales, not exactly colloquially useful, but supposedly a basis for reading, I went to the carefully translated englische pages.

And here's how it goes:  Do not drag cord emphatically, and do not place this appliance near a jot gas or in wettest places. Dry the water on the bottom of the body before place it on power base.

Anyway between us, it's working just fine, my new little electric watercookerthing.  And I promise to avoid spillage on the connector and not to let boiling water be ejected by emphatically dragging on the lid.


  1. Dragging cords emphatically can also cause serious sparking, which is not really what one wants--or needs--in a hot water heater. There is nothing so satisfying as a new kettle, electric or otherwise. Nor so hard to find, if you want what you want, and settling just doesn't make it.

  2. Looking forward to hearing a report after frequent usage, Liz! When I came back from Portugal where I used one every day, I wanted ot buy one, but couldn't find any models with consistently good reviews on Amazon. You have given me new hope!


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