Sunday, August 28, 2016

Photo shoot at the Libe Gallery, then a fine aftermath

This being the time of the Plainsboro Artists' Annual Group Show, 2016, theme this year being Square One -- go here 

it meant I spent part of the afternoon taking pix of the show, admiring my friends' work, and blogging the results.  It being a blistering hot day, so much for the season abating, after the picturing and cropping and sending and generally virtuously doing a good job at the library, the next destination was obvious.

Over to Cranbury to Gil and Bert's for a scoop of butter pecan in a sugar cone, no pix, it went pretty fast,

sitting in the shade of this awning 

In the evening the lights are on and it's very festive.

Then home to visit with neighbors, get their medical updates (!) and do the actual blogwork, which sometimes involves colorful language in keeping with an art exhibit. Very good afternoon. I had planned on one additional art expedition, but bagged it when I realized how hot it was.  It can wait for a cooler Sunday.


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