Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Dollivers Celebrate A Historic Day

Today is NJ Primary voting day, and for once we're in the spotlight. Usually since our primary is in June, the whole presidential picture is signed and sealed, done and dusted, over and done with, and our votes are an afterthought.

Not today though!  And at the polls,  I met a very young woman voting for the first time, exciting for both of us!  I will bet any money our votes cancel each other, since she is of the Bernie demographic, but that might be assuming too much.

Anyway, the Dollivers broke out the moscato, for a glass of bubbly, to celebrate a truly historic day, no matter which party you vote for, in fact, first time in the history of our country for a woman to get the nomination of a major party.  

Elton tactfully left the field to the women this time, so we just talked among ourselves, no accompaniment needed. And honor all the women who went before this day, in all nations where even getting the vote was a battle, and the women fighting for fairness here and now.

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