Saturday, June 11, 2016

Citrus shortbread, just right for baking on a sweltering day, but I never claimed to be a good planner

So after a great morning at the farmer's market, with buys of local food from four different farms, and a steel band concert going, then a cooking demo, which involved being given a very nice shopping bag, I came home to the usual frenzy of prep and freezing.

Then since the giant plum cake is finally finished, I thought, hm, self, you need a little something to go with a cup of tea.  And leafed through a couple of books, then found a Martha recipe for citrus shortbread I've been meaning to try for ages.

There's an agenda here, too, since tomorrow's the reception for my solo exhibit at Plainsboro Library Gallery, and I'm putting up some very simple snack things, but it seemed nice to see if I can add in a dish of homebaked cookies, so this was the one. I don't like a lot of food in the close neighborhood of textile art, so the items are small, manageable and not likely to give me palpitations if they get near the artworks.

I never did one of those recipes where you roll the dough up and cool it then slice it.  Sounded like fun. And this is one of them. So now I've done it.  I've also found that half of the recipe made plenty of cookies to take in tomorrow, nearly three dozen, what do they want of my life, so the other log is now in the freezer ready to bake whenever the insanity of baking in 90 degree weather hits again.

I tested one, cook's privilege, and it seems okay to give to people. Well, actually, really good.  I used lime zest rather than the orange Martha likes, being allergic to orange, but other than that I actually followed instructions. And since I needed an airtight tin for them, and didn't have one, I recycled the spice container tin my Indian friend gave me,and it works a treat.

So if you are local and planning on coming to the reception, and to hear me chat on about my work, you may get one of these little shortbreads.  And you can review my art and my baking at one time!

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  1. You are very kind to make treats for your opening! I hope it goes smoothly and you have an interesting time :)


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