Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Done. Time elapsed 1.5 hours

Including finding the screwdriver to get the lid off the can.  All the bits the painter could reach, now looking very spiffy. It's some of what was left over from when I painted the studio.

Painter is v.v. chuffed about this, partly because it looks so much better, and partly because she lived to tell the tale.  The electric cords are waiting for the outlet to be dry and pluggable in.

So now I have ambitious plans to get on with the staircase, too, now that I seem to have established I can do this stuff again.  And the taping will be a feature there, too, since as usual, it's the bottom few feet that get the traffic, and the rest of it, soaring way up there, looks just fine.  

What I used today was one of those big pad things with a handle, rather than wave a roller about in such a small area. When I find a longer rod I can screw the pad onto, I might return and fix the bits I couldn't reach.  Not easy leaning over immovable appliances, and having rather short arms is a bit of a liability.

I rarely buy paint, usually getting full unopened gallons at the dumpster from the surplus bought by excited homeowners overestimating their area.  So the colors are a bit of a lucky dip. At the moment I have the rest of the flat latex in peachy beige, very nice, the rest of the shiny green from the kitchen, perhaps not for the stairs, though, and a full gallon of eggshell white, which might be just the ticket.  

Eggshell finish at the bottom of the wall, flat white at present the rest of the way up.  Might be nice.  And I might even get all carried away and put in a racing stripe of the laundry area color.  I think Handsome Son might be recruited to help with the taping, so as not to have wavy lines. 

Of course, if anyone suddenly puts out new colors at the dumpster, I might rethink my interior design ideas. You have to allow for these possibilities.

Total cost today: about ten dollars for the pad and replacement pad. Labor free. Well, two Advil for the laborer.

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