Thursday, June 23, 2016

Closing talk for art exhibit, with surprise present, and food catchup

Wednesday was the talk for the last day of my textile art exhibit, and it went over so well, nice group came, everyone who promised to come and some more people who hadn't but came anyway, very knowledgeable group to talk with.  

And one guest, Cynthia C., came complete with a lovely present!  a solar light for the garden area, and here it is, set up right away, as soon as I got home, and last evening already charged and  putting out a steady glow.

I thought this was a good home, between daylilies and lavender, and kneedeep in pachysandra.  I will enjoy this for years.

Then, time for a bit of food catchup.  I whipped about in a frenzy and made hot biscuits with poppyseeds, a soup of farm-picked asparagus and red lentil, and a plum crumble.  Some of this is to feed Handsome Son, along with a main dish probably of pasta with my spag sauce,  when he comes over Friday, some to feed Boud anyway.  I make us a big meal on Friday evening, then I have leftovers for a few days!

The plum crumble is starting to be my own recipe, no reference to books or tattered copies now.  I macerated the fruit, great price on plums in the Asian store,  in fresh grated nutmeg, fresh ground cinnamon, a swoosh of lemon juice, and some honey and molasses.  Then reduced the liquid that came off it, added it in, mixed the fruit with cornstarch, just a dusting, and that was the fruit done.  

The crumble was equal parts almond flour and oat flour, both whirred in my coffee grinder from sliced nuts and oatmeal flakes, plus whole oatmeal flakes.  Tart enough to suit me but maybe not other people, so when it came out of the oven still hot, I sprinkled some sugar over, not much.  This is a gluten free crumble, I think, since cornstarch has no gluten as far as I know. And almonds and walnuts don't either.

So that was this morning's cooking done, on a comparatively cool day.  Now back to reading Nightingale, alternating with Buddhist Wisdom.

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