Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring on the Marsh

Today I had to put in a bit of time waiting for the chimney sweep, so I made the most of the afternoon, stitched up the final part of an artwork, then after the sweep had been and gone, walked out in a different area, behind the condo, which is not where I live.

See the milkweed in the foreground, monarch butterfly food. They're having a resurgence this year so we may see more than the one or two monarchs we had around last year.

Beautiful warm early spring day, though we're all gloomily remembering Aprils when we had blizzards, but still, hearing the redwing blackbirds shouting in the phragmites grass, and the other songbirds zooming around, was enough to take your mind off winter.  The water is very high from recent rains, and there were quite a few ducks as well as the all too present Canada geese.

I kept a respectful distance -- nesting season, and they take no prisoners if they're setting up house.


  1. I just read an article that said that the monarchs are doing better and they're crediting the fact that we're now being allowed to let milk weed grow. Finally the powers-that-be have gotten some smarts!

  2. Monarchs have been very few and far between for us this year too. An upsurge in wasp populations I think. I hope you have plenty this summer.


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