Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Demise of the wild cherry friend, partly

You know the wild cherry I've been looking out for and thanking for many years, food for birds and squirrels, shelter for them and shade for humans on the patio?  It grows on both sides of the fence, having been planted by birds long ago, and has flourished, only needing to be trimmed back a little off the roof now and then.

The next door neighbors, on whose patio the other half of the tree grew quite happily, moved out several months ago, leaving the place empty while they look for a tenant.

Then a few days ago, I woke to the sound of a chainsaw.  And ran to the window, in time to see the other half of our beautiful tree falling down, cut up and thrown into the trees out back.  Neighbor came to the door to explain they couldn't be bothered to trim it, and what if it fell on a tenant and they sued, and so they had decided, without consulting anyone affected, to chop it down.

So here's the sky where masses of foliage used to be.

 And here's the new blossom from my cherry bushes, on my side of the fence  planted years ago, coming through faithfully for me.

And here's the sad little stump, remains of the wild cherry  next door.And the blossoms from my bushes showing through the fence.

It all seems even more poignant since the Brussels attacks yesterday, and a lesson that life has to go on, even after ugly and stupid actions seem to say the opposite.


  1. what can I say, lady. there are times when I think the death of a tree counts for as much (and sometimes more) than many humans I've known. I've lost a few trees too, that mattered, cut by people who missed the point entirely.

    Do you know if that kind of cherry tree will sprout from the stump? It just might put out new shoots this summer when no one is looking...

  2. It will put out shoots but not a tree. I still have what's left on my side of the fence, sad little remnant after storms Sandy and Irene tore most of it away. The other side was what gave me the shade to put out my houseplants in summe, aside from feeding bees and all kinds of birds. Oh well. If my side comes down now that the balance has been destroyed, I wonder if I'll scare them by threatening to sue...nah, they're not worth it.

  3. I just read this again, and am wondering - do you mean the cherry tree had two trunks and one is intact on your side of the fence? I hope so.
    The cherry bushes are completely different, yes?

  4. Yes, one trunk on each side of the fence, because you know, birds. The bushes are quite different and give me tiny but good fruit. I noticed they blossomed right after the Bad Thing, and took it as cherry solidarity.

  5. The little native cherry sapling I planted last year has many years to go before it gets big enough to take on the work, and I had hoped that the other double tree would be intact until a force of nature took it down.

  6. I don't understand how people can take it upon themselves to cut down perfectly good trees that are communal to others, without at least the benefit of a consultation about it. What a shame.


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