Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter Sunday if you celebrate it. Happy Sunday if you don't!

Since the Dollivers had their big outing last week to the artist event, a mini revolt took place back on the bookcase.  Frilly Bear whined that she's never had a starring role, Greensleeves said she hadn't had enough pix, and Victorian Doll just looked hurt and put upon, despite her lovingly handknit outfit.

So they got to be the Stewards of the Eggs this year, and wish you all a happy Easter and a good Spring.  

This year's eggs are the bronze, gold and turquoise ones, yet to be distributed.  And you see the tiny painted eggs in the miniature teacup? from my long ago cockatiel Emily Hope.  And various other kitty and eggy items all with histories, sitting in an antique New Jersey spongeware dish. And you can see the White Rabbit, back to the camera, issuing instructions for his forthcoming role when the month turns again.  I wonder if he's hiring Frilly Bear for the heavy lifting?

They also took care of the miniature chocolate bunnies, which won't last long today.

Now it's off to the kitchen to finish the Easter lunch menu, part of which Handsome Son will supply, such as hors d'oeuvres and dessert.  Chocolate will feature in the latter, I expect.

Main event is ham with pineapple and with cherry sauce and mustard, scalloped potatoes, mixed vegetables.  Nice bottle of Prosecco brut. And I have to find the tablecloths and napkins and cheese board and knife, and various other festive items.


  1. you and the dolls (bears and rabbit included of course) have outdone yourself. Happy Chocolate day.

  2. Wow! Happy Easter to you and yours, Liz!

  3. p.s. Do you know if leftover babka freezes well?

  4. Any bread tends to freeze well, and thaw quickly. Around me it wouldn't last long enough to freeze, though. Like leftover cake it would be an oxymoron.

  5. You would not believe how rich and filling this babka is. It is also delicious, and I made the mistake - really, a mistake! - of having two smallish slices for brunch. It's almost noon and I am still trying to roll myself out the door.

  6. Wonderful collection of eggs - good thing they're under guard, otherwise some marauders might make off with a few. Happy Easter!

  7. Loving the pics of the eggs as always. My special Easter treat, if a little late this year. Thank you Liz.


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