Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Faux finishing, now it's furniture

After painting some frames, described over here
I was musing about  doing a similar faux finish on a scraped bedside table.  This was a nicely finished piece, which, in the course of furniture moving done for me by eager, generous and inexperienced friends while I was in the hospital undergoing sudden large surgery, was gouged by a lousy piece of metal stuff.  Really ruined its complexion.

Not that I was in a mad rush to fix it, the move having happened two moves, and about twenty years, ago.  Anyway, this morning about ten o'clock I decided to just do it, selected a bronze acrylic liquid paint, a saucer and a sponge brush. Removed the items from the table, arousing great suspicion in the cats.  What is she DOING with our table that we run about on at night when she's asleep?

They decided to continue their investigations under cover, as you see here. The mountain ranges are the spies getting into position.

And by ten twenty (old joke about that, which I won't repeat here), here's the finished top.  

You might call this a teabreak DIY, since that's about how long it took.  And as usual it cost zero, really, the studio supplying the materials, and it took about two teaspoonsful of paint.  The effect is of a metal top on a wooden table. Nice.

Upcycling rules!


  1. damn aint you clever, and I can think of a lot of places in here that could benefit from a bit of treatment like that. It also beats the heck out of MinWax.

  2. Great job Liz, I love making something stylish out of something old, well done

  3. Coda:after I went off to blog, it seems that Marigold emerged and tested whether she could still run about on the table. Kitty footprints added to the design. And to the white quilt as she retreated. I resisted the urge to fix it since she's old and I may come to like seeing her mark after she departs. Kitty Boud, my screen name cat, did likewise, when I worked on monotypes, leaving silver footprints on the wall as she jumped off the bench. It's all collaborative art. The quilt is done for, acrylic being indelible, but oh well.

  4. Very impressive. I like the colour. I like the idea of added kitty prints too.

  5. I was just priming my typing fingers to comment about the odds of kitty prints being a danger when I saw the previous comments. Oops. Well - I daresay that it might now be a plan to paint/dye the quilt?


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