Monday, February 29, 2016

Sadie Hawkins Day and the Dollivers Decide to Do It. Propose, that is.

The Dollivers of course were very upset about not being included in yesterday's field trip to visit with famous dolls, but I explained that they are Working Dolls, character actors in this blog, not toy dolls, and this pacified them slightly.  

They signed up for in time for Sadie Hawkins day today, so that they can pick the boy dolls of their dreams and propose to them.  Then came the decisions on the profile shots to use.

Mailing in their votes, suffragette outfits, politically conscious

Good home cook making old fashioned shortbread

We clean up good, too
And we do like a nice car

Call me Michelle's glamor shot

Blondie Firstborn looking inviting

But we know how to make soap, too, not just a pretty face

Even dressed in our best we don't forget our pets

Should I break it to them that they will have to move in with the boy dolls and away from here, and where will their next outfits come from then? boy dolls not being famous as earners. No, some things are better discovered for yourself.  They probably assume they will import the boy dolls for me to attend to.

Elton wondered if this was a suitable event for his participation, but after they assured him they were in search of boy dolls, not boy dogs, he sat down at the piano and rendered an energetic Danny Boy, then a stylized Mendelssohn Wedding March, not too obvious.  He also wondered if there's a March Madness song, but couldn't call it to mind.


  1. Oh, Liz I needed a laugh (don't tell the girls) and this was hysterical. The car photo is priceless...What boy doll wouldnt be entranced with any or all of them (oy, the possiblities...)

  2. The Dollivers take over! It is always nice to see them having the run of the place! Very precious them all. :)

  3. In my quest to provide Elton with an appropriate March Madness song, I discovered that there are lots of them - most geared towards the basketball tournament. The Dollivers, if they're in search of men, should perhaps check that out. After all, basketball players are pretty much all tall, dark and handsome - and rich too!


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