Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Espe Brown, Knives, Procrastination and Dollivers

The title is a bit shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings, to mangle a quotation. But it all makes sense, stay with me.

The decision to frame all the planets in the planet suite, as explained in http://beautifulmetaphor.blogspot.com
led inevitably to several other conclusions.  One is that I need to take a little break from headlong work in the studio, just to digest what's been happening in a very productive period, and to find my feet for the next pieces that need to happen.  This is while awaiting the frames on order and on their way.

So that meant learning to procrastinate a bit.  I'm not very good at this mostly, except where knives are  concerned.  I got into considering knives via Quinn, owing to a reference in her blog to Edward Espe Brown, a Zen priest and food person.  Not that I'm blaming anyone.  I'm just saying.

I do look on food as a meditative experience, and cooking as a process, not just a way of getting meals made.  So my attempt to just be, and to read a meditation/cookbook and kick back, seemed just about right for now.

So I checked out this book,  nice little essays interspersed with recipes some of which I already make, thought I'd invented, heh, nothing new etc.  But as I read, I realized after reading his chat about knives and sharpening and why you should, how can I do the process with blunt tools?   I thought, oh well.  No use just thinking about sharpening, I should just do it.  My kitchen knives are as blunt as anything. Not very Zen.

But Inner Self insisted that it's too much to do,there are tons of knives in that drawer, can't manage, sharpener too noisy, special snowflake and so on.  Outer Self said, oh shut up and check.  How many knives to you actually use?  welllll, chef's knife, one, poultry knife, one, paring one, breadknife one.  Whereupon Outer Self pointed out that means sharpening TWO knives.  Two.  The parer is sharp, the breadknife doesn't need sharpening. All the others can go to goodwill, never used.

So Inner Self heaved a sigh, got out the sharpener and in about four minutes give or take, the knives are sharpened, put where they won't bang into anything, the drawer is sorted, and there's a batch of knives to give away.

This is all your doing, Quinn, you and Brown.  The Dollivers were happy to pose with the book, far away from all the knives flashing about in the kitchen.  Anything for a quiet life.

However, learning to procrastinate has now been put off for a while..but the Ds probably have a few plans afoot regarding Valentine outfits, or maybe jewelry.


  1. this does seem to be the season and the year for divesting ourselves of what we don't use/need/ or want. I did the same thing with at least two dozen knives of varying dimensions and viciousness, bundled them up carefully in a cardboard tube for the Thrift shop, and Ive not missed one of them.

    One nice thing about cleaning out what needs cleaning out, this time of year there's time for it. you can consider, and reflect, and arrange. Come April and May, other things beckon.

  2. Well, "paring knives" has been on my shopping list for months now, so maybe I had an ulterior (albeit entirely unconscious and mysterious) motive ;)

  3. This makes so much sense and made me realize I was juggling around in the knife drawer with a whole pile of knives I never use. Quinn's paring is the answer duh !

  4. Goodness, that's two of you getting rid of knives now. Perhaps I should provide my mailing address...?
    Usually I look for knives AT the thrift shop and ReStore, but we could eliminate the entire middle step of the process and I could just make a suitable donation :)

  5. Quinn I seriously will send them (three big, two small) if you email me your address which I have lost! One condition: send me a single coin, could be a penny, doesn't matter how small, so as not to cut out friendship. Old superstition!

    Dogonart, my sister, is Canadian, hence int'l border, could be tricky considering the contents, for her to send!! The sister part could explain the parallel knife disposal motif!

  6. Gee, I didn't put you on the spot MUCH there, did I? ;)
    Email coming...


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