Tuesday, February 23, 2016

National Toast Day Celebrations

Today being National Toast Day, I made cheese on toast for supper, with a nice glass of red wine for a, um, toast...

The bread was new baked and I liked very much how it turned out.  I've started adding in seeds to my breads -- cumin and caraway to a recent batch of hot biscuits, which went over very well -- and today a pinch of cumin seeds and a pinch of fennel seeds to the bread, and I really recommend it.  Interesting flavors without doing much more to the slices.  The flour was  mainly whole wheat, but with a couple of cups of mixed all purpose and chickpea and barley, the last two ground up in my coffee grinder.  Nice texture to this batch.

Bread's very forgiving, and the crust on this giant loaf, now cut into six small loaves, five in the freezer, was really good, probably because of the different flours.


  1. oh how serendipitous! We had supper with toast instead of bread, just because it smells so GOOD when its toasting. The tang of homemade bread is magical, isnt it...

  2. mmmm - I can almost smell it from here! I'm working hard to convince Resident Cook that maybe trying to make some bread using our current over-abundance of homemade kefir might be a good use of his time (and my time eating it!).


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