Sunday, February 7, 2016

An Angela Sighting!! this time by me, for the first time

An Angela sighting!!  Today we met, after many years of being mistaken for one another. The excitement was intense, since we were in  a group of my stitcher friends who all know the story. 

So here we are together, me on left, Angela on right. I also met her husband  who says he's pretty sure he could tell us apart!

 We were at a stitching event in the community where she now lives, and she just happened to stop by. So the long mystery is solved. She's Welsh with Yorkshire relatives, one aunt a stitcher who worked on vestments for York  Minster.

We exchanged stories of the many people who've mistaken us, one of whom tried to give me club dues owed to Angela, another who introduced Angela to her husband as her art teacher, and got very miffed when Angela explained she wasn't Liz!

I don't think our facial features are very alike, but our facial expressions are, and our voices are practically identical.  We agreed that we might be distant relatives, who knows, but in typical brit fashion, neither was interested in doing the research! And Angela pointed out that our eyes are different colors,so we concluded that people go by general impressions rather than little details like that..

She's a very good person to be mixed up with!  nice lady, and great company.



  1. you're not alone, Liz. I have been accosted and confronted by people all my life who insist Im their sister in law Trudy, or, in one memorable case, the man's ex wife ('the bitch," he said) and even my own mother followed "me" into a store prepared to confront me with the fact that I was with another man...

    What really gets me is, as you say, people look at the hair, the glasses, or the shirt and think, ah, that must be jennifer, and then when you finally do get a look at Jennifer (who has a squint, a limp, and weights 80 lbs on a damp day), you're appalled. Good lord, do I look like that? =)

    I can see how they get the voices mixed up, but frankly I dont see the two of you as being doubles for each other...

  2. I would never have mistaken Angela for you or the other way 'round and I've never met either of you.


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