Friday, June 21, 2013

The Dollivers Get in a Jam. Strawberry, that is.

So the Dollivers, insisting that after all the heavy labor of bringing home food from the farm this year, it was time to reap the harvest so to speak.  So, togged up in their denim gear, suitable for farm and house, they decided to use all the strawberry harvest from this year, one of the best ever, thanks to various weathers, as jam.

They delegated me to do the heavy lifting, such as stirring to an unboildownable rolling boil,

too dangerous for delicate Dollivers, and sterilizing the couple of glass containers I managed to find, and pouring the resulting delicious stuff into them.

The cook's privilege is to eat the foam skimmed off the top on plain yogurt. Heaven on a spoon.  Never waste the foam.

Then, the jam done and jarred, not the only thing that was jarred by this time, they decided the jam needed hot biscuits, right away. 

So we made a batch of wholewheat with flaxseed and sunflower seeds. 

And tested it out, using the remaining two Dollivers, the entitled ones who did no work, as guinea pigs, I mean guests to tea.

This is great stuff. It simply doesn't get any better than warm homemade bread with fresh homemade jam from local fruit.

This is after a day of embroidering up a storm, then taking a trip to the thrift store despite numerous road closings and confusing detours
for repairs, to score three heavily beaded and sequined tops, for the beads and sequins, and a bag of leftover tulle ribbon in various colors, right for an upcoming embroidery gig, then some serious debeading of the tops, this is not work for wimps.

I  may sit down and read a Barbara Pym after I get out of here.


  1. Sounds delicious. You're such a busy bee, I felt tired just reading your blog. On top of all that, you seem to have a talent for scoring at the thrift sore...I'm just jealous. pfft!

  2. Jam - and I haven't even seen a strawberry in the stores yet. There is a 'whole food' (farmer's market with reservations) place up by the mall, a bit of a walk to get to, but not far from a bus stop coming back...I will go there one of these days.

    Fun post!!

  3. Very nice looking jam but I will have the bread without thank you as strawberry jam and I don't mix. Good scoring on the beading supplies. I know all about de-beading and de-sequinning. I hope your glasses are well cleaned and you have a nice large tea-towel or apron to catch the ones you drop.


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