Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bloomsday 2013

To see a couple of sky pix in honor of Bloomsday and a waxing moon, go here

Lovely weekend of perfect June weather, friends around, lunch unexpectedly with two of them, cooked by one to order, while watching the US Open golf, window washing (their idea my windows their work of removing them cleaning and replacing, beyond my own strength, in gratitude for my explaining how to do it for themselves to save hauling out a ladder to wash the upstairs windows,yay) stitching galore, wonderful viewing of The Guilty, Michael Kitchen actually playing a bad guy, the idea.

Then a quick text today to a literary friend, the kind of person on whom nothing is wasted, wishing her a happy Bloomsday, and a response wishing me about Leopold.  Like I said, nothing wasted on her. Wonderful friend to have.

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