Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beads, net, Tyvek, pesto, where will it all end...

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Yesterday's gardening was done across the street in a neighbor's back yard, hauling out weeds, helping plant tomatoes, transplanting pachysandra in my design for her life.  She's not around enough to weed -- this is her weekend home -- so I'm strongly suggesting we plant pachysandra in her planting beds, then grow veggies in containers put right down on the pachy, as I do.  Works a treat, keeps weeding to a distant memory, and I don't think I'll let her disagree..she has a patio about the size of mine, with a concrete apron where I have a deck, so it's the edges that need the work.

But what looks like a small area in prospect gets huge in the heat of summer and with limited time to work on it with all the other weekend stuff needed.  Very discouraging to come back every Friday and find the patio all overrun again after clearing it last week.

I grow all my herbs and most of my flowers in containers, and they look great. In fact most people think they're planted in the ground, since the pachy covers up the containers anyway.  So I hope Karen will like this solution.  She's looking interested anyway.


  1. Let's have some pictures of your garden, Liz.

  2. Would you like to come and do some work in my garden?

  3. After our endless thunderstorm and torrential rain ends, I'll be able to get out and take pix. But a lot of things are now drowned. Our national holiday looks to be a rainout!


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