Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Annual Pesto Bash and Other Significant Events

Today is sister Irene's (dogonart to you) anyway, her birthday.  Hippo Birdies, and many many more.

And the other annual event was the Making of the Pesto, at least the opening day of same.  Today it was oregano and sage, one batch of each flavor.  This year I'm not mixing flavors like last year, just going to put the batches up separately then mix and match as I cook.  

I freeze each batch flattened out in a ziploc bag, and when it's frozen, it stands on edge like a library book, takes up no room in the freezer and you can break off exactly the amount you want.  I also, instead of washing out the blender (I do chop first by hand, then finish by blending the walnuts, parmesan, olive oil and leaves) I poured in a few ounces of water and blended that, and I'm freezing the resulting mix, to add to soups or whatever will have water in it anyway.  Waste not want not.

The blender is a very nice one, a freecycle, in fact, I suspect because the original owner moved on up to a food processor after watching one too many food shows...perfectly operating blender. 

This freed up my old one, actually a collectible with one switch for on, and one for off, which went to Handsome Son who loves old items like this especially when they function, which that one does.  You have to hold on the lid, I warned him, since it dates back to before they made the deep lid which didn't fly off so readily..and I just remembered that was a freecycle, too.


  1. Thank you. FYI, the first 80 have a certain interest but after that its "here we go again I thought it was only last week that I had the last one". Nevermind, out comes the emergency champagne!

  2. Happy birthday Liz's Sister! Mine was a couple of weeks ago ans I've two more years on you.

    Liz, I had one of those original blenders until just three years ago! Those lids were a menace, but it worked a treat up to the very last moment.

  3. Happy birthday Liz's sister hope you are having a good one.

  4. Happy birthday Liz's sister. Hope you're enjoying your day Gumnut

  5. Happy Birthday Irene, Liz's big sister. I hope you have had a wonderful and most blessed day and are still enjoying it!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to you Irene, Liz's older sister. I hope you have had a most wonderful and blessed day. Wishing you many more!

  7. A very happy birthday, Dogonart, and many more! I love the image of "emergency champagne" - good to keep on hand, like frozen chicken soup, never know when one might be in dire need...Jean in Cowtown


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