Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve

Up with me: excitement this morning, which it's too bad
 nobody filmed,because it was a Three Stooges morning in the kitchen.
 To wit:

Got up as usual, humming happily, put on kettle, sprayed pan
with olive oil ready to put on homebaked slice to
 fry before breaking egg
over, favorite breakfast, put on burner.

Then while I had the bread out I thought, ah, why don't I slice and
cube it ready for the stuffing tomorrow.  Whip out the breadknife,
eyes probably not fully open,knife slips off the bread and buries
itself into my finger.  Much blood.  Rush to downstairs bathroom to
staunch blood, clean, apply dressing, interrupted by sound of kettle
whistling loudly, joined by smoke alarm on all three floors, it
doesn't mess around.

Run back holding up hand, to realize pan with olive oil is now smoking
merrily.  Whip open window, turn off kettle, put oven fan on high, wave newspaper at
smoke alarm to quieten it down.  Return to bathroom to redo entire
hand and get bandaids in place, then a latex glove over the lot in
order to cook.

continue with breakfast as originally scheduled.  Later, while
organizing turkey, realize poor thing and I have more in common than
usual this year, as I rinsed off the turkey blood from the dish.

The dressing, my own recipe, first time of trying, using homebaked
bread cubes, farmshare red pepper diced, Granny Smith apple diced, big piece
of frozen sage pesto, kosher salt, black pepper, chicken stock
(storebought this one), looks as if it will work out nicely.
I'm hoping for a quieter day from now on. 


  1. Look after that finger. I hope it doesn't curb to much on the artistic front.

  2. Oh my - my mother had an expression for days like this "I should have stood in bed". I was never quite sure what that actually meant, but I suspect it was probably that much more would have been accomplished had she 'stood in bed' all day. Poor you - hope your finger is okay! (ps. Happy Thanksgiving)

  3. Dreadful (the finger, that is). Good to hear you had a smoke detector so all was not lost. These things happen in the blink of an eye, don't they? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, your stuffing recipe sounds delish. Must take a pic of the turkey when it comes out of the oven - we have turkey envy here, our Thanksgiving was in October - J in Cowtown

  4. Just one darned thing after another. Take care of yourself and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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