Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Day, the day after the election...

The Dollivers collapsed along with the rest of us, that finally it's over, we know the results.  Which were very very similar to the results last time around, which makes me wonder couldn't we just have pushed the button for copy?

Great relief, that it did not come to a Supreme Court fight,that even the small areas of contest and still uncounted ballots, don't affect the outcome, that we don't have one of those bitter drawn out squabbles that follow contested vital states.  That there's no doubt of the winner.

And huge props to my fellow New Jerseyans who trudged through bitter subfreezing weather from their unheated homes, searching for the new polling places, the old ones either being under water or destroyed, some who could find a place with internet access  figuring out how to vote via fax, new emergency method, many waiting hours to vote in person in freezing unheated tents.  And waiting and waiting for newly printed and rushed in emergency affidavit voting forms and paper ballots to arrive after the polling places repeatedly  ran out.  But still voting. 

Props to state government for once, for rapidly acting to change the voting methods and putting in place in hours print runs that would normally take months to design, execute and deliver, in this normally electronic voting state.  Preserving the franchise.

Elton broke out into song about this, and gave us a charming rendition of Bruce's Born to Run, then America the Beautiful, Louis's What a Wonderful World, and serenaded us out with Mozart's 21st piano concerto, aka the Elvira Madigan theme.


  1. We in Cowtown were glued to the reporting, more Americans per capita in this Canadian city than anywhere else in our country. If this outcome is what is best for you then we are happy for the results. I remember the controversy over a past election result, you must be relieved not to have to go through that again! And yes, well done to all who persevered through personal difficulties to get out and vote - freedom is precious! - J in Cowtown

  2. We were watching closed at the Banff Centre, too. Very glad that it was decisively decided and no court battles. And I do think some stability at this point is a very good thing.

    I bet you're very, very glad you did early voting. I'm glad you didn't have to stand out in the cold or trudge a long way.


  3. Phew! it seems to have gone on and on. Well I guess it has; (ours take about 6 weeks).

    Be interesting to see what happens next. I don't envy Obama his job.

    The Dollivers might like to have a Champagne cocktail.....or a dirty help in their recovery. Heh!

  4. Phew, we're all glad it's over too. Our news reports have been full of the US elections for weeks. I have a hard time understanding it all as it is so different to our system. Now for a little peace and normal programming with resume - for a while at least.

  5. i avoided the whole thing last night, and this morning I literally wept with relief when I heard the results. I went to be last night feeling the way I did when bush ran for his second term, not good at all.
    Calmer heads prevailed this time, thank goodness.

    Take care, Boud, it looks like our nor'easter is soon to be your nor'easter. Not that you need another storm...

    Make sure the dollivers are dressed warmly, I know how easily the Little Guys can catch colds...

  6. By the sounds of the news here you are going to have to batten down the hatches again. At least you're one of the lucky ones that have hatches to batten. I hope those that have lost everything will at least have somewhere warm and dry to stay. Take care!


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