Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A morning well spent at the Honda dealership

So today my Honda, should I name her Rhonda, informed me that I better check into why her check engine light was on. I'd fiddled with the gas cap already,often a cause for this, but it didn't work. Sooooo, in we went to spend the morning waiting. Really it's simpler to stay and wait than mess about getting home and back, and renting or loaning, all that.

Especially now that they've finally finished rebuilding the entire place around them and are no longer operating with open walls to all weather, winds whipping through the waiting area, painters and other workmen moving the clients around all the time to get at the next bit they needed to work in. I can't imagine how the workers there managed. Even the repair area was under siege.
But now they have a new building, complete with good complimentary coffee and bagels and a nice lady to serve them,
and assist with the serious choosing of the bagel and despite the otherwise testosterone rich environment,
a reasonable place to do your email, your needlepoint,
your Freecell,

catch up with the newspaper, do a lot of what you might have been doing anyway at home. As a bonus, I have reached the official age at which all the men treat me like a nice if dotty old grandma, much teasing,great fun.

And today, in the course of doing a bit of catchup on needlepoint, a lady leaned over and asked me about it. And no, she blessedly did NOT say, oh I have no time for that, while waiting just as long as I but doing nothing, she did say she likes embroidery, wanted to know where to buy materials.

So I seized the day, as future President (one of three, it's a big job (!))of my embroiderers' guild chapter, and did a brisk selling job of joining us at our meetings and going on shopping trips with our members. I'm useless at shopping, but her eyes lit up when I mentioned that some of our members are great at finding the right stuff. So who knows, maybe I recruited a new member. Wonder if I'll get a toaster...

The only small downside was that I noticed when I retrieved my car, that the clock had been adjusted to reflect the time change. I was sorry to see this, because the reason I don't change it is that when you do, it loses all my preset radio stations, and it's a lengthy and annoying process to set them all up again. But I think the mechanic thought oh, poor old grandma, she doesn't know how to change the clock, I'll do it for her. Another instance of the boy scout forcing an old lady across the street when she doesn't want to go.

Rhonda the Honda is happy now. She needed a new oxygen sensor, imagine how that must have felt. So, with oil change, new battery, she's all set for the winter. At least that's the plan.


  1. My knitting/crocheting/whatever portable I'm working on goes everywhere with me. Not an idle minutes will be wasted. Actually, I'd go nuts just sitting there doing nothing other than thinking about the crafting time I am wasting. We grandmas are almost expected to "do" these things aren't we?

    I'm just wondering at the glances you must get taking photos in quite random places. The thought amuses me greatly.

  2. Most people don't worry about it, just ignore me, probably thinking I might be dangerous if crossed. Particularly when I have the Dollivers along, people elaborately fail to notice what's up!

  3. I just love your reports on the days you've had - they're so lovely to read. :)


  4. Our car, Tar Baby, needed just such a sensor plus a battery service last June. Car problems always a mysterious business - J in Cowtown


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