Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yet another last lovely October day.

I wonder, if I keep saying this, will there be more?  each time I think, ah, the last lovely October day, up pops another. But we are in for a spectactular nor'easter in the next few days, the edges of the latest hurricane, so I hope what's left of  my cherry tree doesn't finally bite the dust.  I've moved the glass table into the groundcover, which will hold it pretty well in place.

Meanwhile, back on the walk, lovely trees,

and a noise underfoot told me that late bees are still hard at work harvesting from the wood sorrel,
and there's smartweed still blooming like mad near my gate.


  1. Well, as you know, it's snowy here in Calgary. Snowed on Sat., snowed all day Tuesday, snowing again this afternoon. The snow has remained on the ground, so it looks downright wintry here and I can see a child sledding down the hill across the river, the mum awaiting his trudge back up. Enjoy your beautiful days, J in Cowtown

  2. Beautiful, I am hoping that our foggy days are nearly over and that I can get out with my camera. There are some good colours this year

  3. Such beautiful scenery. Love this time of the year.

  4. Wonderful October scenery! Every single time I have remembered to take my camera out the sun promptly goes in and the pictures look awful. I can guarantee sunshine when I leave the camera at home....grrr.


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