Thursday, October 11, 2012

October great name for a month. Or a pet.

I like the name Toby for dogs, had one years ago with that name, and used to tell people it was short for October.  I still remember funny Toby, the yorkie mix, and his antics.  A true clown.

But no dog in my life now, cats rule!  and today's walk, unimpeded by any dog, was great in the cool sunshine, squirrels wildly busy digging up stuff and eating, and burying other stuff, wonder if there's any method at all in this.  And wild asters blazing away.  And fungi exploding all over the place. And Canada geese lying through their beaks talking about migrating.  They fly as far as the next pond, then land with great drama and talk about what a huge trip they made...

All this was after a great lunch and movie at a friend's home, the only way we could see the Marigold Hotel movie together, for various logistical and health reasons.  Great fun, and Maggie Smith was as usual worth the price of admission.  Home again, and friend G. from Mumbai stopped in to chat and drink tea and eat some of the dessert I'd brought home from the lunchorama, and talk about Jaipur, the location of the movie. She thinks we should also see it together -- that would be fun, she being fluent in Hindi which is heard quite a bit in the movie.  I'm number 57 on the waiting list at the library, so this too could happen, but not very soon.


  1. More great pics from the Land of Liz.


  2. I love an autumn walk, all those crunchy leaves. I also enjoyed Marigold Hotel, I have in fact just ordered it for my MIL's birthday treat

  3. Canada Geese lying through their beaks - oh how funny, but how true! We get such a laugh out of watching the young ones having their flying lessons on the river here. There's a great flurry of honking and gearing up of nerve to take off and up they go, only to wheel around and land again. Rinse and repeat, providing hours of entertainment for the humans.

  4. dearest liz, you did know that our current cat-in-residence goes by the name of october, right?


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