Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ravioli rules!

So today I threw open the freezer door and hauled out the homemade pasta ravioli cases and the cut up farm tomatoes and the oregano pesto, homemade from my oregano on the patio, and the garlic and the chopped onion from the farm, and set to work on making ravioli.

The sauce simmered nicely while I worked on the other stuff, a base of olive oil, garlic and onion, and tomato paste and big chunk of oregano pesto, big bag of Jersey tomatoes cubes.

And the filling was ricotta, parmigiano flakes and an egg.  I made two sets of rav, one in half moon shapes, using a single round and folding over, the others the whole circle, just to see which I liked.  With the homemade pasta, the cooking is swift -- once they float in the boiling salted water, they're pretty much done.

Meanwhile, since I hadn't charged up the immersion blender and it was time to blend, I broke my long standing rule and poured the hot sauce into the regular blender instead, and remembered why I don't do this, when the top popped just enough, what with the heat and all, to decorate the surrounding area, including nosy old Duncan, always prowling for food, with a tasteful red polka dot pattern.  Easily cleaned, though, since in homemade sauce there are no food dyes, and those are the culprit when you can't get that spot off your blouse.

Pasta drained, halfmoons put in bowl, sauce with addition of some of the pasta filling added in at the last minute, I really liked that idea, shake of hot pepper flakes and shaved Parmigian, glass of Burgundy aged on the truck, and it was lunch.

For a while, that is, didn't last long. 

However, there's another bowl waiting in the fridge, the round ravioli, all sauced up and ready to heat tomorrow.


dogonart said...

Just love the drama of it all !

Minimiss said...


Anonymous said...

Mama mia, that's nice looking ravioli! - J in Cowtown

Sue said...

that looked great glad you enjoyed it. I always put a tea towel over the lid of my blender when doing hot sauce at least it saves a wash down!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

mmmmmmm -yum!!