Friday, October 5, 2012

Field and Fen and Preserve

On what might just be a final great warm day this year (thirty degree drop before tomorrow), I walked on the Preserve, watching yellowrump warblers in a feeding frenzy on berries, and being watched by a herd of deer in the distance, in the beechwood.  They stopped, watched me watching them, decided I was no threat and eventually strolled on.  Then I noticed great shadows on a beech tree.

Coots on the lake bobbing up and down like toys, turkey vultures soaring around the sky on the updrafts, a little woollybear caterpillar all tricked out in a polar coat, maybe he knows something we don't, scooting at a terrific rate across the trail. 

Milkweed pods bursting and releasing their silk parachutes into the air.

Home for a cup of tea, a helping of raspberry filled chocolate square, and some stitching, another secret gift...this is slow work, nobody to hold her breath here!


  1. Great photos as always Liz. Love the caterpillar.

  2. Lovely time of year. The chocolate rasberry sounds delicious.

  3. It just struck me, I have never seen milkweed here in Alberta, in Ontario, yes, but not here. Enjoy the last of the season, always a gift - J in Cowtown

  4. I love autumn walking. And a walk justified that eating of cake

  5. It's nice to see some milkweed - here it's on the list of noxious weeds and everybody goes out of their way to get rid of them, not realizing that they are endangering the Monarch butterfly habitat.


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