Sunday, September 25, 2011

The proof of the pudding

Another pet peeve, I have thousands of pet peeves, even belong to more than one group determined to stamp out bad grammar and usage, is the saying as above. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Not the proof is in the pudding, for pity's sake. The proof means the determination that it is or isn't good. Likewise, you don't get a pit in your stomach. With any luck it's there all the time, since it's the bottom of the organ. You might get a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach, be my guest, feel free.

Where was I? oh yes, I've tested, and tested, the Peach Crostata, and it's perfectly terrific. I used yogurt rather than whole cream, preferring the tarter taste, and I plan to get farm peaches and plums, I'm sure this would work with plums, too, and freeze them so I can make this in the dead of winter and cheer things up. Between this and the piccalilli I made the other day and am working steadily through, I don't know which I'm more pleased with.

About the crostata, I guess any fruit would work, come to think of it. It's worth experimenting at length, I'd say. In fact this might be a great Thanksgiving dessert, variation on pie. It's definitely one of the few places where I will depart from my rule of Not Cooking Fruit other than Granny Smiths, on the grounds that if it's good, just eat it.

Today, since all outdoor bets are off owing to yet another deluge, and more allergy problems, including my plans to attend Linda's Alpaca Farm Open House, dangit, I was catching up on correspondence, mainly thank you notes to people who did very kind things in the last few months, and I trust that I didn't miss any vital folks.

They need to bear with me, if I did, it's difficult to keep track at times like this, you know how it is. But the spirit was grateful and willing! and the Dollivers pitched in.


  1. That is ao cute, it is good of them to help. Mmm plums, that sounds good as well. Do tell how that goes when you do it.

    Cheers from over here! Take care.

  2. What are crostatas? I don't know them - or maybe I do, but by another name.

    Signed -

  3. I hope your arm isn't too achy after the shot. Our flu shot program doesn't commence until mid October at the earliest. Last several years haven't had the immunizations, and sure as shooting caught influenza each winter, with complications. I've learned my lesson and will have the vaccine this year. In response to dianesowo, we had a bakery lemon crostata last night - think lemon pie but with more of a shortbread type crust rather than flaky pastry. Maybe different versions depending on the locale. - Jean in Calgary


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