Saturday, September 24, 2011

Peach Crostata aka Heaven in a Pie Pan

When I'm anxious or nervous, I tidy stuff, especially organize drawers. You should see the drawers in my house. Mostly shining tidy and neat and divested of all the debris, flotsam, jetsam, and other things that collect in drawers. And many little treasures came to light after being forgotten lo these many months while I was otherwise engaged.

But when I'm optimistic and feeling like I can once again make stuff, and my allergic eyes are still stopping me from doing anything involving yarn, sigh, the floods have created a perfect mold spore environment all over this region, and I'm following all the eye doctor's r'dations, but meanwhile, the next best is to make some nice new edible item.

So, drumroll, here is Peach Crostata, currently cooling until I can actually get in and taste. It smells like heaven arrived in the kitchen. New Jersey peaches and butter, don't know where the flour is from, cinnamon from somewhere other than NJ I would guess, yogurt from away, local eggs.

You'll notice it doesn't look all varnished and presented and artfully setup with lighting for magazines, and fake peaches and all that. That's because this is actual food! never looks as great as in the mags, but then they add all kinds of things for photogenic purposes many of which can not be et. I bet if this appeared in a glossy mag whose name shall be omitted, it would look really glamorous.

This is a recipe from bad-tempered old Arthur Schwartz, great cook of home style food, interesting writer, and irascible broadcaster I finally gave up on after he exploded over one too many innocent people calling in with questions! be that as it may, I have never gone wrong using his recipes, usually for simple stuff, but he cooks from scratch and the difference is great.

This one is a pastry shell baked at 400 F., with the peaches, sugar and cinnamon in, then brought out and covered with an egg/yogurt mix and put back in and baked for longer. Handsome Son is coming for dinner in a couple of days and if there's any left he'll get some for dessert.

Either that or I'll have to make another one and say this was just a testing pie...


  1. Found the recipe at Expect I'll have to give it a try. We love peaches and we love easy and we love creamy stuff and we love pie. This looks perfect.

  2. It looks so yummy... save me a scoop! I hope you can get back to your yarn soon...but if you cook in the mean time, be sure to share; I love peeking into your kitchen.

  3. Looks scrumptious. I have become far less worried about whether my cooking creations look as good as the book provided they taste as good as the recipe promises. I look forward to your verdict on this one.

  4. mmmmmm - I can almost taste that from here! I'll have my piece with a scoop of French Vanilla Kawartha Dairy (local) ice cream, please.

  5. Aha - now I see. I think I would like that, even though I don't much care for desserts. The peaches appear to dominate.

  6. the best foods are made in such a way that you dont have to worry about 'spoiling the effect' by cutting into it. This looks so good...


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