Monday, September 5, 2011

Ice Follies break out!

To be exact, a bag of beautiful Holland daffodil bulbs species Ice Follies, courtesy of next door friend, who wanted me to show him how to proceed in his observance of HP's wishes.

We ended up planting them right across the joining fences, I placing them right way up, he digging using his new bulb planter, and his dog safely on the other side of the fence supervising.

I took the opportunity to clean up some weeds and dead foliage back there first, and we made decisions about his garden, and I picked a handful of green beans from his planters -- he loves to grow them, doesn't like eating them so much -- and made plans for his front yard, complete with scilla and crocus. The nursery people must love him, since he can't drive past without detouring in there and emerging with another load of plants and bulbs.

Since the weather is perfect for being bitten, too, I was glad of the sage growing in my yard, since a bunch of that, crushed, rubbed onto insect bites is very good at fixing the itch. So I smelled like a salad myself, what with the apple cider vinegar I sloshed on too, just to be sure.

But in contrast to the 9/11 memorial daffodils back in the woods, which HP bought, a huge sack of mixed varieties, and since he couldn't balance and dig, he pointed, HS dug, and I helped, this time I pointed, and Gary dug! he commented that things have come full circle.

This is such a natural way to celebrate HP, and so many friends are taking part in various places on the globe, that it was great for me to be part of a team doing it right here.


  1. What a great way to memorialize HP! I'm sure he was right there looking over your shoulder.

  2. Our bulbs are all flowering at the moment so I shall plant some for Andy when the time is right.

  3. liz, i loved this post so much! and thank you for the tip about sage and insect bites - our poor nigel is erupted all over (got into mosquitoes somewhere) and is quite miserable. i may try the sage remedy on him if he will tolerate it. ::hugs:: and ::daffodils:: to you. ps: watch your mailbox


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