Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Dollivers Afternoon at My Afternoons with Margueritte

Two Dollivers volunteered to come to the movies this afternoon, swearing that they would not sit in the cupholders and generally cut up like the other two who came last time. The others are planning new domestic adventures.

Well, ARE we going? somebody has to drive this thing

But meanwhile, done up in their best hats and gear, complete with jewelry, we sallied out to see My Afternoons with Margueritte, a perfect jewel of a movie with Gisele Casadesus and Gerard Depardieu and other great actors.

Bright lights, ready for the big movie

About love and longing and literacy and loveliness, this is simply a movie you have to go and see. Casadesus plays a 95 year old woman who liked to sit in the park in good weather, and Depardieu is a big, apparently clumsy and slow guy, who turns out to have a grasp of all that's most important, and he's a good carver and gardener, too, as well as knowing all about loyalty, but feeling he can't inspire it. Just go. It's wonderfully acted, very sensitively filmed. French with unobtrusive subtitles, such a treat to hear French spoken again, and to brush up my raunchy bar language...

I bumped into a group of women on the way out who asked me did you LOVE it? evidently they had, too, and one of them was kind enough to help the Dollivers pose at the poster for the movie.

Carole Lewis with the Dollivers. Carole's on the left. She joins the pantheon of my heroes, people who let a total stranger shove dolls in their arms, and pose graciously for a blog they've never heard of, without making any move to have us all arrested. Seriously, thank you very much, Carole, and your friends, too. You really made the afternoon!


  1. Nice to see the Dollivers out and about again and generally entertaining all they come in contact with. Sounds like a very nice movie. God knows when it will make it out to the antipodes and when it does I will no doubt have forgotten the name of it. DH doesn't do movies so I might have to try and plan a day out with the girls provided I remember.

  2. What did the Dollivers think of the movie?


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