Friday, July 9, 2010

Swingin' on a star

The heatwave broke, and we are in the mere low 90s rather than the hundreds, and it feels positively pleasant out of doors. The container plants bore up pretty well, being watered twice daily, but some of the other ground growing plants got sunburned and may need to be taken out, oh well.

So the Gardeners got to work, checking on the baby's breath and the peppers sharing a stack of pots

and the bachelors' buttons and other wildflowers from the carpet o'flowers experiment

and just swingin' on a star because it looked like fun,

one on a spider plant and the other on a succulent I was given and if anyone can identify it for me, please do.

The Girls plan other expeditions now that the weather is okay for getting about outside. Watch this space!

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