Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dolliver's Travels Part the First

While our newest addition to the Dolliver family guards the tomatoes in the hanging basket from raiding squirrels,

the Knitted Girls, the Noodle Sisters, took to the road yesterday. First they thought it would be nice trespass in a friend's office and take over her desk while she wasn't there to defend it

and then to visit my paintings and sign in

then sit and rest their knitted toes on the sofa in the gallery.

This sofa looks exactly like a sculpture, to the point where I've been asked if it's really to sit on! but it's a marvelous idea, recycled wild grasses harvested in some part of the world, forget where, where they are a terrible nuisance, choking waterways. This is a great way to recycle them, not just to use them but to make something beautiful. The library has several versions of these chairs, all comfortable, relaxing, perfect for the human body.

And the Bookmark Cafe was a doll magnet,

complete with green tea and summer program schedule, and some plastic doohickeys donated by lovely libe lady Christina, for future art works in my studio.

Then on to more adventures on the road.


  1. They are very photogenic those noodle sisters. What a great day out.


  2. Caught up again! Now I hope I can post this...


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