Thursday, July 29, 2010

Annual Awards Time -- The Dollies

About this time last year I awarded the Lizzies, a bunch of awards consisting of being thanked in here (big reward!) for having contributed to the quality of life around the Adams household, and since the heatwave of July slowed down my brain cells to an occasional clickety click instead of the usual high speed action, I'm a bit late this year with the Awards.

This year, they're named for the Dollivers, who have taken over around here, so they're the Dollies! and a little doll shall lead them...speaking of which, my pic today is not the Dollivers, but the group of miniature dolls who've lived here forever, not yet joined by the porcelain rescued mini who still needs surgery, and made firm representations that they too should serve..stories about them for another time.

First Dollie, for Courage and Cheerfulness to Boot, goes to Ari, who, at a truly hard time in her own life, with difficulties most of us can hardly imagine, let alone battle with, still stops in here now and then with a wry and funny and very much to the point comment. This is heroic. Take a bow, Ari! and a pat to Buddha.

Second Dollie, for Terrific Work and Reliability, keeping the Adams household really ticking nicely over, clean and organized and happy, goes to wonderful cleaning team Petra and Libor, who show up bang on time, every time, on schedule, are as thorough now as they were at the beginning, always cheerful, kind to both of us. And they leave our house just beautiful every time they come. Thanks so much Petra and Libor!

Third Dollie for Moral Support of the First Water Based on Knowing How It Is, goes to Ruth L. who despite her own heavy workload, never fails to encourage and send me friendly emails when we can't see each other, with new thoughts and ideas, and who totally gets it about knitting and how it is a meditative experience, like her skillful embroidery. I'm planning to be her when I grow up.

Fourth Dollie for Remembering that I Have a Track Record, goes to Heather C., who invited me to write support material earlier this year, for her proposed writerly residency at a prestigious retreat place, making me feel all included, significant and connected. And she did get the residency, but credit for that goes to her own talent.

Penultimate Dollie for this year goes to some anonymous person, whoever invented the Carpet of Seeds that I planted in containers which has given me a whole array of wild and tame flowers and joy, has attracted goldfinches, a first, to the front yard, also butterflies and about ten kinds of dragonflies, and Carolina wrens. Don't know who it was but they deserve a bunch of dollies...

Then the Ultimate Dollie goes to all you faithful blogistas and blogistos, who read and enjoy and keep this bloggerly artform valid and interesting to pursue, and run your own blogs, too. Thank you all.


  1. Wonderful awards and Dollies.


  2. And the Dollie For Congeniality and Conviviality goes to you, dear Liz, for your good cheer and endless good humour.

  3. Not having even been nominated, I smiled bravely through the awards!


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