Monday, July 26, 2010

Dollivers and the Art of Dabbling

The Dollivers, confined to the house by the heatwave and getting a bit stir-crazy, decided to go on a Tour of the House and the Arts.

Top floor, the studio, what to do, what to do? paint? draw? crayon? all of the above?

when in doubt do everything.

Then down one floor to where the music lives, and a stab at Corelli.

Astute observers will notice that the trio is playing a duet, but heck, when the instrument's as big as you are, you need a little help.

Folk flute, sopranino and soprano are the instruments in the experiment. This is HARD!

So down to the ground floor, where the domestic arts reign, and a spot of knitting, like a return to their origins in a way....

OMG, she's knitting a, a, a.....LEG!!!! aaaaaaghghghghghgh. No wonder my hat's blowing off..

But all this exposure to the arts will no doubt make us broader, better, deeper dolls.


  1. I think the one on the left is my sister. Don't let her get started telling you her fantasies about The Cowardly Lion. We're getting her help for this problem.

  2. more lol :O)
    i love the back view.

  3. Too funny. Love the hat and the adventures of course.


  4. A delight! And the previous post was so dear. I'm commenting as a Google member, maybe this will work.


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