Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dolls rule, artists drool....

Okay, so I figured it was about time to have Really Important People writing in here, and since Boud is lying down resting after what she laughingly calls the work of hanging a show, I guessed I had better take over.

This is me, ready for my closeup.

She claims to have knitted me to recover from the exhibit thing, but we all know I was here all along in some other molecular form, and she just arranged the molecules.

Anyway, here I am, and whaddya know, I have to knit my own dress now.

The lacy underwear is cute and all, but a girl needs a dress to be molecularly respectable around here...and if Boud doesn't get to it someone has to. Heave that bale, tote that barge, chop wood, carry water, knit dresses.

Oh yes, and if anyone can give me a name, that would be good, too. It's another thing a girl needs, a good name.


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