Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day 2010

To all of us who are or who have had, fathers, happy day! lovely hot June day here, and HS sent a wonderful card, and called, and made his father very happy, as you see.

And Raj S. next door, father of a lovely teenager, celebrated by washing and vacuuming both the family cars!

And a paper wasp family's home from last year was knocked down from the soffit by a group of birds this morning, landed right on the front path just asking for a starring role in Field and Fen.

Paper wasps are common around here, generally gentle and nonthreatening to humans, making sometimes massive paper homes in the trees, and these honeycomb smaller structures under all our roofs. An art of nature, that economical five sided shape, allowing more compartments to be fitted into the same area, without the waste of space that circular ones would create.

Speaking of economy of effort, I hear that the Treasures Field and Fen journal will soon be hand carried from Wisconsin to Vancouver, to meet up with its next inscriber, and I'm hoping for pictures of the official handoff, if this comes off!


  1. Ah yes, hoping we do have a meetup & will try to remember to take camera along.

    Happy Father's Day to HP!

  2. I am rather looking forward to seeing this journal but still have absolutely no idea what I am going to put in it.



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