Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June, and the cherry harvest is in

Welcome June! though how you got here so fast is a puzzle again. And here's the entire harvest of my cherry bushes from the front walk. I got in ahead of the robins who have not only staked out the bushes, but have built a nest across the path in a handy shrub. These are on the sour side, but still good.

Freecycling today is about aloe vera. Two nice containers of them, grown from babes, ready to go to eager people this afternoon, one whose husband drowned the last one and is instructed never again to water them, and one whose daughter has been on her case for an aloe and the mom was not sure where to find one.

I keep them in the kitchen, as a quick burn remedy, since I burn the back of my hand regularly in the course of forgetfully checking what's in the oven. So I still have one big pot of this stuff for my own use.

And greet her, of course, with aloe there!


  1. We hang old CDs and tinsel from the Christmas tree on our cherry tree. It seems to bother the birds and squirrels....last year we actually ate some!

  2. I keep one 'leaf', a biggish one, in a pitcher of water in the kitchen - every so often I slice off 1/4" off the bottom - if I forget, it starts to grow little rootlets. Seems to live quite happily, means I don't have to rush and slice off another 'leaf' (what ARE they called, anyway), which wrecks the symmetry of the horrendously pot-bound plant. It's mother was a teeny new one given me in 1980 by my now deceased mother-in-law. Her name, honestly, was Vera, and my plant is known as Vera's Aloe.


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