Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Curse you, Mason Dixon Knitting! and all cats...

So just yesterday HP was commenting on how good the cats are around my knitting, never playing with the yarn or needles, other than to chase around my stitch markers and sit on my lap under the knitting, which is fine.

And I was under way with the Cardi Cozy from Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. And at the same time with a lap-robe thingy I'm making for HP, based on the Log Cabin knitting from Mason Dixon Knitting.

The first one, known hereinafter as the CC from MDKOTL, is difficult, big needles, fine yarn, to make an almost transparent cardi thing, beautiful, but requiring some new skills for which I had got special help from Ravelry friends. It's knitted from the top, all kinds of interesting. translation: hellishly difficult to see, raglan stitching, involving creating three stitches from one remembering to keep putting the stitch back on the left needle, aiie, plus cable here and there all in a lovely very fine wool harvested from a name brand designer sweater from the thrift store. Half a dozen stitch markers on every line, notes taken at each line end, consulting pattern and notes of pattern and errata to notes, hoping it's them and not me, but it's me. Great challenge and fun. Here's the hard knitting:

The other, the log cabin dealie is a kind of respite from the cardi cover, fatter yarn, easy to see, interesting new skills, but no harm no foul if it gets dragged by a kitty.

Here's the easy knitting, known hereinafter as the LC from MDK:

Sooooo, no prize for you to guess which one Marigold the Burmese suddenly took it into her head to play with this morning, while I was attending to HP and not noticing what else was afoot, pun intended.

She trailed the fine lovely yarn all over the floor and round the furniture, and when I wound it back to base, I found that the knitting had been dragged off the needles and I had no idea how much of it had vanished in the process.

It was several hours before I could stand to look, after all the number of times I've knitted and reknitted the cardi cover to get to where it is. I did find that it was repairable, not irreparable, and did that. So now I can stand to mention it..

In fact both of these are terrific projects to do, and one of my neighbors stopped in this morning and wants me now to teach her and her daughter, and possibly her daughter's friend, how to knit this summer. For a fee. Yay.

I didn't mention to her the cursing and general rending of the welkin that had taken place only a little while early in re Cardi Cozy and Cat.


  1. Ahhh, nothing like kitty cats to make a liar of you and mess up your knitting. One of mine loves my needles while I'm knitting. That can lead to some intersting words.


  2. Sooo glad it was repairable !!!

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