Thursday, November 5, 2009

War and Peace

So the HOA, Homeowners' Association, has decided in its wisdom to replace all our sidewalks and parking lot surfaces. Okay, except that you have to kind of vaporize your car for several days, no parking available, no parking on all the surrounding roads, by law. Hm. Anyway, out front it's all Men at Work, making war on the street as they break up the old belgian block and sidewalk.

View from front door, man at work.

So my walk had to start from the patio door, the front door not being accessible to anywhere I could walk without dodging heavy equipment, and my neighbor's peace roses on her patio fence were still blooming away.

They smell fruity in a way, not very scented, but beautiful and a nice treat that we are still getting flowers galore, not having had a killing frost yet, just a couple of cool nights.

As usual, I take pix while I'm out walking, to show HP when I get home, since he likes to see what's up out there. So you can share, too.


  1. Wish my peace rose looked so healthy. I have blooms but am not such a good gardener. Enjoy while they are still out.


  2. Peace roses have such big fat beautiful blooms! My mother had a marvellous bush in her garden, I regretted I hadn't tried to grow a bush from one of her blooms.

    Hope the work isn't making too much noise for you.


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