Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tea Ceremony!

Thanks to a wonderful internet friend who found that the Lapsang Souchong tea she bought and found she doesn't like much, is in fact HP's total favorite of all teas, and promptly shipped it to him together with some other wonderful thoughts and gifts, you see here the results!

HS took portraits of the Parental Units officially throwing out the first cup. Couldn't get both of us ready at once, so one shows a cheerful one and a puzzled one, and the next is the opposite, so I am posting the set.

For him: Lapsang with a small spoonful of sugar. For her: black and fruit tea, new experience, and very good it was. HP was ecstatic at being reunited with his favorite tea which I have not been able to find in years. And HS was presented with some once we found that he, the good cook, uses Lapsang dry leaves in the special rub he has invented, to give the smoky flavor.

Note the handknit afghan on HP, and the newly renovated jacket on BP (Beautiful Partner, that's me, not conceited, not at all...). The afghan is a big favorite of Burmese kitty Marigold, who insists on sitting on it at all times. This can be a bit complicated with HP is trying to eat lunch, with a cat between him and his plate..

White Rabbits, it's November!


annie1931 said...

Everything noted! And you are indeed beautiful.

Could we have pictures of the jacket up close, too? Lovely shade of blue.

Nice post!

Boud said...

Annie, it's the jacket in the previous post! actually purple, but my camera doesn't do purple very well.

Anonymous said...

Loving the afghan!


Anonymous said...


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