Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sooner or later a pair of slippers appears..

The Red Slippers! alone and on the model. The others are variations on the same theme, presents for people, slippers seen facing away from you, so the toes are at the top of the pix.

Finally I am able to knit again. This is a barometer of emotional pressure! briefly I was so stagfloozled by the Big Hospital drama where even delivering lunch is done as if they were saving lives... that I could read The Provincial Lady and some Margery Allingham (which I recommend if you're not familiar, very entertaining) but couldn't do anything that involved thinking or planning, such as knitting, even deciding what to knit and finding the yarn,needles,etc.

I have a good stash of yarn, thanks to the kindness of strangers and a lot of friends, and to my harvesting efforts, and a bunch of needles,some dating back over 50 years and marked with Brit sizes, very confusing, which involves also having a needle gauge to find out what US size they are...

So when I couldn't think what to make, I made a pair of slippers for HP in red. He loves red, so I used up some very nice red chenille yarn in variegated shades, and you see the result, modeled by me, in the pix.

This is by way of being an act of faith that he will walk in them one day. Meanwhile, he likes them a lot -- amazing how fast they knit up, cast on the first one one day, worked in stray scraps of time, finished the second one the next day. The're with him in his room at the rehab. Finally, despite the best efforts of the Big Hospital, he made it there, and is now in his second room. The first one was total pandemonium with another patient, early dementia, I think, setting of bed alarms, terrible racket, and great misery all around, no sleep for HP at all, so I forced them to move him after one day of this, after I found out about it. Better now.

Anyway, the slipper reference, if you fancy making some is: This probably won't be a hot link, since I have yet to figure out that technicality, but you can cut and paste.

They are really fun to do, and I've made several pairs as presents. Naturally I don't follow the pattern, but change and adjust and adapt and whatever, and I'll show you another pair if I can find the pic.

I'm taking the orchid in the previous post in to HP's room when i visit today, because he has a windowsill and natural light, very good location, and he can watch its progress.

So good that spring is advancing rapidly now, complete with soaking rains, but they're good for the flowers.


  1. Day by day, little by little.....and those red slippers are so neat! Taking in the orchid was a brilliant idea, too. Vibes for you and HP going out regularly.

  2. Nice slippers!

    Any way to make 'em cat-proof?


  3. Glad he's doing well - and I bet those slippers are really comfy! :)


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