Thursday, March 26, 2009

News not so good, but there's always orchids!

Two views of the first brave orchid

So the heart testing for HP is done, in a confusing, frightening and disorganized day yesterday, in one of the best heart hospitals on the eastern seaboard, with brilliant doctors and nurses, and very flaky administration, and the news is about as bad as it can be.

Too much damage for simple repair, open heart surgery only option for repair. He is way too frail for that, and his cardio had already advised us before the testing that it if came to that, she would prefer he treat with medication, and just manage it that way. Very disappointing news, but at least we now have some facts. He is confused and upset but still determined that surgery is not on the cards, and I must say I agree with that.

No news yet on when he will travel to the other rehab, where I fervently hope he can get a decent sleep and rest. His nurse called me this morning, and put him on the line to reassure him (and me!), and we are both living for when he can finally come home and resume non-hospital life.

Times like this I bless Lyndon Johnson's administration for pushing Medicare. The costs of all this hospital care and special treatments are sky high and almost all covered. The spinal surgery alone, for instance, would have cost $41,000. cost to HP, his Medicare deductible, which I think is $400. Totals not yet in, but accounting has already started to pour in for all the parts of what's been going on. This is why I never whine about paying taxes!

Meanwhile at home the orchids I was given through Freecycle last year, have started to bloom, and I have put pix up here of the first one to bud. Very cheering little flowers, with tiger faces inside the blossoms. They last and last. So I'm taking this as a good omen for all of us.


  1. (((( Blessings and hugs and positive thoughts )))

  2. Your orchids reflect your beautiful spirit. Prayers are with you as you go through these trials at your man's side. God bless you both.


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