Monday, March 9, 2009

Sky's the Limit!

Caution:beavers at work!



Okay, so today HP announces two things: he's exhausted, in pain from his shoulders and: he got vertical!!!!!! stood up twice out of the wheelchair, using parallel bars and a helper on each side. Verticality took place. Briefly, but never mind, he did it.

He has gone from being highly anxious three days ago about even sitting on the side of the bed with help, all the way to doing arm exercise stuff, then working in the gym, entailing a ride down in the elevator and along a long hallway, to do the parallel bar stuff for his legs. I think back to two and a bit weeks ago, when even with massive help, it was impossible for him to be vertical.

I reminded him that it's not surprising that someone who had major cervical spinal surgery two weeks ago and a pacemaker installed a week ago, might have hurting shoulders at this point, and that each thing he does is something his body will remember.

My chief role at this point is to be a good cheerleader, keep tabs on all the various people involved in his care, and be there in the late afternoon when he's tired out, keep him company for dinner, then leave before HS arrives to have his time with his dad.

People do seem to think that walking again with a walker is on the cards, but I can't breathe out on that one yet...

Meanwhile, I have to re-engineer my own days while he's away, and remember to do things for the Great Me! including a lovely walk out on the local wilderness preserve the other day, looking at spring mosses and lichens and evidence of beavers working away felling all the trees they can manage, to make their dams.

Joyful days now. Early spring here in central NJ. Let's hope for a lot more of them.


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