Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snowdrops and Milkweed and Metaphors

It seems as if everything is turning itself into a metaphor these days! what with the orchids finally waking up in the living room and putting out actual buds, and the snowdrops appearing on the patio, all ten of them blazing away, and my lace project for the Milkweed installation more or less coming's all about hope and forward movement and life.

HP has had setbacks in recovery, but they still hope for rehab soon. Heart attack happened, but since he was already in ICU, was attended immediately. This is the kind of complication that can happen with this particular surgery, sigh. But it was his only chance to walk again, and we hope we soon find out if it will work!

Meanwhile, I'm trying to simply stay calm, do what I can, not worry about what I can't.

And since they wouldn't let me bring flowers in to HP, I took a pic of our snowdrops and took the digi in to show him, much to his pleasure. I'll put it up here too. I love brave little snowdrops, relentlessly blooming no matter what the weather chucks at them. the camera that you can bring home the pix and immediately show, has been terrific since HP has not been able to get out with me at all. I can at least give him a gallery of what's out there! and just so's you know how patriotic I am, used my little stimulus check last year to buy it!

And I'm working on my Milkweed Pod piece, will show you the start of this. The other drafts might eventually be incorporated, not sure, but this ladder will definitely happen,and I have some fuzzy glittery white stuff which will eventually get in here. It's already been seen by an old drawing student of mine I met in the hospital the other day, wonderful getting up to date on what he's been up to in art, and he was fascinated by the Milkweed deal, too. Also met a couple of old friends I used to work with, one at the admissions desk, which cheered me up no end, to have a friendly person I knew there. Very glad this work is being done locally, a lot of available friends and support.

Life continues to move forward!

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  1. Good to hear a positive note from you and lovely to see the Snowdrops. We are so far behind in this respect, although the buds on the trees are, very slowly, swelling just gently checking (like putting a toe in water) is it time to burst forth yet? er, no, not yet!


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