Monday, February 16, 2009

Anniversaries and long thoughts

This household is in the midst of great anxiety right now, owing to sudden acute paralysis of Handsome Partner a few days ago,catching us all with no preparations, no ramps, luckily a transport lightweight wheelchair for getting into the dentist -- ramps there too long, steps impossible, for a walker.

Learning how to move and transfer helpless patient, no time to hire help before surgery, so skilled Handsome Son, who did an internship in care for the disabled many years ago, before deciding on the world of computers, and unskilled but willing Partner Me, mostly Me, since Son has to work, have been coping.

So here we are, now scheduled for major spinal surgery Thursday, followed, if all goes well, with rehab and eventually home again with home physio. This is what we all fervently hope for! wonderful surgeon, very experienced, and a neuro, too, so all HP's health bases are covered. Chances of restoring walking are slim, but upright on a walker would be a huge advance on where he now is. But we will hope for better and for your good vibes, too.

Then in the course of talking with various professionals today, I happened to notice the date: February 16.

So it seems nice to show you what I was doing on February 16, 1963. Yes, the bridegroom not seen in the pic since he was in the church we were entering, was the same guy who is now HP. Long marriage, divorce, long lives spent apart, then together, then apart, and now together forever since 9/11, when we decided that we belonged together through everything anyway!

Picture shows eldest brother escorting me into the church.

Bridal array all borrowed from a colleague! low cost reception at the Student Union in Manchester. Cake a gift from the mother of a guest. Photos a gift from the photographer. All in all, a nice day! the fact that the temp was about ten degrees and I had tonsillitis that day is quite irrelevant....

So enjoy along with us, wish us well on Thursday and after, and don't laugh at my dress, it was considered highly chic in 1963!


dogonart said...

Bless you both - will be thinking of you on Thursday

annie1931 said...

I think your dress is lovely, and the together/apart/together/apart/together thing is almost the same as my life - just too deja vu!

Will be sending strongest vibes your way, and blessings
too, hoping they'll help as well.

Heather said...

That is a beautiful dress - what a lovely bride you were (and still are!).

All the very best to you and HP on Thursday - I will be thinking of you both.

Michelle said...

All the best to you and HP and good vibes for a quick recovery for you both.

Sparky2 said...

Oh, Liz, you were a gorgeous bride ... and the dress was beautiful (and would be sought after today ... it's all back!) Congratulations on the anniversary and many good wishes to you and your HP and HS; I'll be thinking of you all on Thursday.

(My own Budman had a stroke a year ago (Nov) and we had a long stint with therapy. If you don't know him well you'd never be able to tell unless he's really tired. Therapy is amazing!