Thursday, February 5, 2009

Milkweed thoughts and offshoots!

So I'm playing with a lot of ideas, and a few of them are in here -- crochet at the moment, double chain filet, in soft yarn, some chain in nylon twine, some chain that I then crocheted back again, in string. Chances are none of these will appear in my final product for the Milkweed Project, but this is how I work. I have other ideas about the nylon twine, which frays out nicely into milkweed like fuzz....hmm.

And while I'm thinking about this, I'm making a dc filet crocheted vest, designing as I go, from some of that harvested yarn I talked about a while ago. It's a pure cotton, which you have to work in the double thread it came in, not as hard as you might think, and very nice quality, much better than the cotton yarn you can buy unused. This is the green stuff you last saw hanging over the bathtub at Harvest Home.

And then, since February is here and the longer days are upon us, yay, all the indoor garden plants are putting out shoots and leaves (eats shoots and leaves!). Pic of them today, orchids, ficus, scented geranium, coleus, begonias, spathiphyllum, chives, funny old group, really, all looking out at their summer home.


  1. Interesting stuff you're working on. Hope you keep posting progress. Love the milkweed pod name.

  2. blog would not accept me except under "anonymous". Dogonart

  3. Hi Liz! I am enjoying your blog so much.


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