Thursday, February 19, 2009

Long Day,Partially Exhaling

Surgery this morning went well, but the danger period is about 12 more hours for this type of surgery.

So we are partially exhaling -- Handsome Partner's first experience with anaesthetic went well. And in the waiting room, we met the Buddhist nun who created the labyrinth I walk! we had a wonderful talk, and the peace she gave off was just perfectly timed, very auspicious.

She thanked me for walking the labyrinth, explained that it was a big project that she did without knowing if people were getting help from it, and was thrilled with our chat. Not as thrilled as I! the labyrinth is only a block from where we were all sitting, and Mike set off to see it, while we waited all the hours of surgery.

Here she is:

So I think this is a good omen, or at least a very helpful event on a tough day.

She's a very good humored woman, loves Law and Order, is highly amused by soap operas, when she gets to see them! she's American, but reminded me strongly of the Buddhist monks who created the sand mandala here a few years ago, three days of creating the design, then it was washed away into running water as a symbol of the transience of life and how we should allow for it and not try to grip onto life even as it changes. They were good humored,easy to talk to.

Very good stuff to think about right now! So, for the moment, join Handsome Son and me in partially exhaling! and hoping that tomorrow is a good day.


mberenis said...
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Boud said...

I've put back the moderation function, in view of the inappropriate comment above, which I can not delete. Sorry!

dogonart said...

Thanks for taking the time to post. So far so good. I like your buddhist nun. Nice timing.
Don't forget to take care of youself as much as possible.

Heather said...

Am partially exhaling with you!

Boud said...

I should explain that it doesn't make any difference to you -- if you want to post, go right ahead! it's just that the post won't appear until I've had a chance to read and click on it.


Sparky2 said...

So sorry your lovely stream has been afflicted with such spam...

I'm happy to hear things are going well - what a lovely serendipitous experience to have at just this time when you needed it most to lend a little balance and peace and lovely positive thoughts. I hope the remaining hours fly by uneventful (except for good healing happening) and you can all truly breathe easy. Thinking of you while you wait ... ((( hugs )))

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz, I was just thinking of you last night, wondering how you were, thinking I should check your blog.

I'm glad I did. My thoughts are with you! Hope to get some more news soon.