Friday, August 25, 2017

Simple supper

Lovely late summer evening, not inclined to cook much. So supper was a favorite easy one. No idea what it's called, been making it for eons.  

I have a vague notion my mom used to make it occasionally when only Dad and she and I were left at home, after the departure of all the older ones to various furrin parts.

Anyway, it's a buttered ovenproof bowl, I like ceramic for this, one lovely farm tomato cut up,  chunks of sharp cheddar, and a fresh egg broken over the lot.  Seasalt, black pepper ground over. Oven at 385 for about 20 minutes, depends on the egg -- you want it set but not too much so, and eggs vary -- and with two slices of homemade bread toasted, glass of nice red, very good small meal. 



  1. I did this as well today. I always thought I got the recipe from you and mentally think of it as "Elizabeth's eggy thing".

  2. So you cook it in the oven proof c and then pour it over the bread?

  3. It's pretty set, so you spoon it over the toast, yes. If you use plum tomatoes, even more set. I used a fairly juicy big tom. I hope you try it. I think you'll like!


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