Thursday, August 17, 2017

Friday dinner on the way

Tomorrow evening, Handsome Son will be free to come for dinner, seize the day when he's able to, working a lot of hours these days.

So the menu will be:  lovely fresh canteloupe chunks, with sprinkle of either amchur powder (dried mango powder, citrusy taste) or ginger powder.  Right from the farm, and the scent of the canteloupe in the kitchen is lyrical.

Then chicken thighs pounded flat, rolled around hot sausage, roasted with melted butter and panko crumbs.  

Here's the chicken wrapped around the sausage, background onion and garlic cooking for the side dish, and tomatoes in next pic, cooking down for the sauce.

Side of a tomato bean idea I got from Splendid Table, involving tomatoes (they say buy sauce, and I say, nuts, I have plum tomatoes from the farm and homemade pesto) butter beans, and fresh herbs.  If you like the sound of it, go here

This was specially nice since I have the requisite thyme and rosemary growing right outside the door.  

Beans, tomato sauce and herbs before adding panko and other herbs

And here's the complete dish.  It bakes a treat in cast iron, bubbles up nicely, crisp on top.
After I chopped up enough herbs for this recipe, I put the rest of the twigs on top of the chicken dish, and the smell of the roasting is heavenly.  Mostly roasted it tonight, and I'll finish it off tomorrow evening. And with any luck have enough left for several dinners for moi next week.  I used up all the sausage and chicken in one roasting, save time and heat.

Dessert is chocolate cake.  With pot of tea and some video or other, whatever HS scrambles up from my collection. 

You'll notice I've started to give links to recipes, where they're not my invention, that is.  It occurs to me that to save people emailing asking for the recipe, I may as well just offer it right off.  So I am. Only took me a few years to think of this.


  1. I've added amchur to my shopping (next time I'm in the Valley) list. Always interested in trying a new taste-maker. Thanks!

  2. Available at Indian stores. My friend gave me it, since she didn't want me to overpay online. And knew my Hindi is mot up to buying it in person!


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